Well, just writing a good content is not something which will make your piece of writing go viral. There are few other aspects which should be kept in mind to make your content bling all over.

Here are 10 tricks which will help you to make your content worth sharing.

1. Good content : First trick which needs to be followed is to write quality content. Writing a content with effective language and simple vocabulary is really important. Using simple language makes it accessible to a number of readers, and more the readers are, more will be the chances of the content to go viral.

2. Catchy headline : Your headline should be an engaging one. No matter how good your content is, it can go in vain if the headline is not powerful. An appealing headline will surely drive a number of readers to your article. According to content marketing, you can also add keywords to your headline to get the desired results.

3. Evoke emotions : The content which tends to arouse some emotions in the readers’ mind is often seen shared. It is observed that when something triggers a person emotionally, they are compelled to share it. Another thing which is noticed is that the content which arouse positive emotions is shared more than the content which has negative emotions in it.

4. Useful content : Another trick which you can follow is to write something which is useful for the readers. The content that solves problems is also more likely to be shared. If someone finds your content helpful, they will surely share it further with others.

5. Inclusion of info-graphics : Visual images make the complex data easier to understand. Visual content is more likable than text content. The readers who don’t want to spend much time on reading the content find it easy when the content has videos and images in it. Visual content draws more people towards itself. Including pictures in the content is a very important element for increasing its chances to be shared.

6. Write listicles : The articles which are based on lists are called listicles. This trick can give you good results as it is observed that listicles get shared more as compared to any other format. Listicles are easy to read as the reader finds his areas of concern easily.

7. Make information accessible : Nowadays, readers find a lot of information online and if the expected information is not found in your content then you will lose the reader. So, here you need to make your content accessible. You can use headings and sub-headings to make the content clear, write short paragraphs so that reader need not to dig in long paragraphs. As soon as the reader will find your content accessible, he will share it as well.

8. Perfect time posting : So we have already come across a few tricks to write a shareable content, now its time to publish it. Here comes the next trick which you can follow, is posting at key time. Posting content at peak time while a majority of your followers are active online will increase the chances of your content being shared. Depending on the traffic survey of your site, you can figure out the peak traffic time and post the content.

9. Social web : Here, since we are concerned about the shareability of our content we can get major leverage from social media. Adding a few but widely used social media buttons in your share bar plugin can get most of the users to share your content. Since most people don’t have a personal blog to share your content, social media can serve as a good platform. As we all know, facebook and twitter are among the most used social sites.

10. Feature guest blog posts : ‘Guest blog post’ is a good way of engaging people. Either you can ask people who have some interesting, relevant knowledge to share or contribute a blog post, or you can keep it open for your readers to contribute something relevant. Guest contributors will bring a fresh perspective to your blog, and make your posts shareable.