About us

Two years ago the journey of our software development firm started with an objective of developing quality software solutions using latest computer technologies. Our vision is to make IT accessible to everybody. At our workstation we strongly believe in the ability of technology to change the way we think, live and work. We put our core strength – our skills with next-generation technologies – to work towards harnessing the power of the technology for our customers. We endeavour to make our solutions, a live and dynamic extension of business operations, wherever they are along with providing instant support and building a close relationship with the key users.

In first year of the inception of Development Logics we developed several applications and software solutions to various clients – the list includes organisations in both public and private sector.  After the initial fledgling phase we have now moved on to developing and deploying various solutions for different departments supporting the E-Governance initiative of the government of Himachal Pradesh. Today we offer a wide range of services in project consultation, development, support and trainings on existing, cutting-edge and upcoming technologies on many platforms.

Also, we have since made a transition to an organized and fully equipped company offering well-rounded set of technology solutions rather than simply creating software based on some inputs.