Pros & Cons of Responsive Landing Pages

The know how for this topic has to flow from the basic understanding of what exactly is responsive design. It basically encompasses design principles and technologies that make a webpage look good across all platforms (tablets, desktops, mobiles and now, wearable devices). It is not less known today how the major Ecommerce players have shifted to all mobile systems and Emails that earlier used to say that they might not look good on mobile phones have now started conversing vice versa. So, gone are the days really when you could build a desktop friendly website and delay your mobile strategy. […]

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Unexpected benefits of user generated content

User generated content is the cheapest way to source content and it also increases brand-consumer interaction. Every online consumer with a smart phone is a content contributor which creates a huge pool for the marketer to choose from and utilize for their digital marketing objectives. Online brands looking forward to redefining their customer experience should utilize the hidden potential of consumer dialogues. UGC has different forms such as users answering queries of other users in discussions ,customer reviews on various marketing websites, social media interaction, user generated blogs and videos about the product experience on blogging platforms. To harness the […]

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Offering a co-working space in Dharamshala

Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Digital marketing has become a popular and consistent trend that is here to stay in the upcoming years. It is estimated that in the years to come, growing organizations are likely to spend a huge amount of marketing budget on digital marketing initiatives alone somehow equal to the amount spent on marketing through TV and other popular media. Here are some of the big digital marketing mistakes to avoid in 2016. 1.) Poor Resource Planning and Allocation for Digital Marketing Before investing a substantial amount of your marketing budget in digital marketing initiatives it is always important to understand your […]

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